Moving Upright Pianos

Each piano type needs to be moved differently in order to help protect the piano. An upright piano’s frame and strings are vertical, which make it more compact than a grand piano. This means that it is best to leave them upright while being moved. Moving this type of piano this way helps to accommodate the height of the piano. Our movers will wrap the piano in blankets, as well as pads, to ensure that the piano is safe, while they move the piano. Unlike grand piano moving, an upright piano is moved as is. There is no need to take it apart.

We move a variety of different sizes of upright pianos, such as:

Spinet Pianos: under 40″ tall
Console Pianos: 42”-45″ tall
Studio Upright: 46”-48” tall
Full Upright or Antique Upright Pianos: 48” or taller
Player Pianos: 48″ or taller with player mechanism included


If you need help moving a piano, we are here to help. Contact us today for your piano moving needs in Utah!