Five Things You Should Tell Every Moving Company to Get the Most Accurate Price

There are five things that you need to talk about when you call a moving company. The following five questions will help your moving coordinator provide you with an accurate quote for the number of men you will need and the amount of time it will take to move you.

1) How much are you moving?

It is helpful to know what size of home you are moving out of especially if you know the square feet. If that isn’t available to you, be prepare to discuss the following

How many bedrooms need to be moved?
Is there a living room and family room?
Do you have a formal dining room set or just a kitchen set?
What appliances need to be moved?
Do you have office furniture?
Are there items out in a garage to be moved?
Is your home full with wall to wall furniture or is furnished minimally?
Do you have a storage area that needs to be moved?
Do you have patio furniture including a barbecue that needs moving?

2) Are your boxes going to be packed?

Customers can pack themselves or have movers pack for them. Usually if you need the movers to pack, you should schedule a separate day just for packing. Talk to your moving coordinator if you need professional packing done, so they can determine how much time and the number of boxes you will need. If you plan to pack yourself, you can still get packing supplies from your moving company. Also, ask about a free delivery with a minimum order.

4) Do you have any specialty items?

Specialty items such as pianos, safes, pool tables and exercise equipment need to be mentioned when you schedule your move so the correct […]

6 Things to Consider When Moving To A New Town

It can be very exciting to move to a new town, but it can also be one of the most stressful times with all the preparation that is involved, as well. When deciding to move to a new city or town, there are certain things that you should consider before setting out on the move. Here are our top 6 things to consider:

Where to Live- Are you planning on buying a home in your new town? Or will you be renting until you are better established? Before you can even consider moving to a new town, you need to know exactly where you want be moving to.

Crime Rate- It’s important to know what type of town you might be moving into. Do some research and determine if you are moving to a safe area, or if it is potentially having trouble with crime. Sometimes an area of a city or town can be higher in crime, yet 5-10 miles away, it is much safer with lower crime rates. Whether you are single, or moving with a family, this is a very important factor to consider.

Transportation- Does your new town have public transportation that will be accessible to you? Moving to a place where you have access to buses or trains can be a great way to save time and money in getting to and from your destinations. It is also a great way to reduce pollution. Having transportation options near your new residence is a great thing to consideration with your new move.

Job Opportunities- Once you arrive in your new town, will you already have a job lined up? If not, will you be able to find new work once you arrive? If you […]

Assisted and Retirement Living Moving Service

There comes a time when you need to move a family member into a retirement or assisted living facility. There are many great communities to choose from and your Utah movers can help with that process.

To make the process as easy as possible we suggest several steps:

Select the community that best fits your needs. This could include things such as location, cost, staff to tenant ratio, and the amount of care needed.
Decide which furniture items and personal items are needed to make the new living environment comfortable.
Ask if the community you are moving into will help pay for the moving costs. If yes, have them call your Utah movers. If no, call several moving companies to get bids and always ask for senior citizen discount. Some moving companies specialize in senior citizen moving.
Decide if you will be doing your own packing or if you need assistance from the movers to pack your boxes.
Schedule your movers. It is always best to move first thing in the morning, but a good moving company will work around your schedule so to make the moving transition as easy as possible. Usually, you should try and schedule at least one week ahead. However, you can schedule even a day before the if there are openings.
On moving day, communicate with your movers what items are being moved. Perhaps some items are staying for now, so be sure to let them know which pieces and boxed need to be moved.
At the new residence, be sure to direct the movers where you want each item placed and they will assist you with that process.

Moving is always emotional whether you are moving to a new home, an apartment, a retirement center or even […]

8 Tips For Moving Day

Moving day is one of the hardest days as it comes with a high amount of stress. It is important to plan head to make your moving day easier. Here are some things you need to get in order to make your moving day easier:

Documentation – It is important to collect all your files and store them in one place. Your important files will include bank, credit, rent, doctor, vet and employment records. Create a spreadsheet of all the important lists you need to have when you move.
Packing supplies – Another important part of moving requires the right moving supplies. Rocky Mountain Movers provides packing supplies that you need to safely move your items to your new home. Pack the items you need in order of importance. Some items you need the first night while other items you can live without for several days or weeks.
Medication – Consider the medications you take each day and place them in a smaller box that you can access quickly. Other medications can be placed into larger boxes and marked for use at a later time like when you have a cold.
Bathroom Supplies – It helps to have a box filled with your essential bathroom items like toothbrushes, hair brushes, razors, toilet paper and more.
Toys and Kid Supplies – Do you have children? You will need to think about their essential items that need to be packed like diapers, formula, and toys. Make a checklist of all the items you know you will immediately need and others that you can use days after you move in.
Pet Supplies – If you have pets you will need to have their food ready for use within the day. Keep a small […]

How to Make Your Move Easier

Moving is never a fun or easy process. In fact, moving involves a lot of stress and frustration for a lot of people! We have crafted a list of our top moving tips that will make your next move easier. If you have others to recommend, leave a comment and we will add it to the list:

Pack a weekend bag. When you move, it can take weeks to truly settle in place. It helps to have a weekend bag with at least 3 days worth of clothes, toothpaste, and other essentials you can use while you try and settle into your new home.
Pack the items you need first in clear totes. You will be able to see these items and know you want to unpack these before the others. We can also label all your boxes and place them in rooms based on your priority level to make the move easier.
Pack breakables carefully. We have plenty of bubble wrap to protect your dishes and other essentials. If you are worried about not having enough bubble wrap, here is a fun tip, try using your clothing or socks to go in between plates! It’s a simple way to protect your breakables and save on the cost of packing materials.
Clean your walls and floors before you move in. The best advice we can offer is show up a day before you want to move in and really deep clean the walls and surfaces of the home. If you want until you move in, it will be much harder to truly clean all the surfaces.
Use small sandwich bags to store hardware for all your wall pictures and hangings. Tape the hardware to the back of the paintings […]

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How to Find Movers You Can Trust

Having to move can be one of the most stressful things for a anyone to endure. It can take on a lot of effort and planning! Even if the move is exciting, it is still a lot of work! So how can you find movers that you can trust to move all of your possessions? With so many options available it can be difficult to find the best movers for your things. At Rocky Mountain Movers, we focus on working hard to provide you with the best service possible. When selecting movers, we know our clients always use the following checklist.
Word of Mouth
Ask around for recommendations; ask your neighbors, friends and your realtors on who they have had positive and negative experiencing while working with. Word of mouth is always helpful, which is why we ask our clients to leave feedback about their experience. We always work hard to ensure our new customers are able to receive the best information possible about our hard work.
We have the right credentials needed to properly handle your belongings. From grand pianos to glass table tops and plants, our team has experience handling all types of materials. We are certified movers in Utah, and ready to handle your big move!
Are you planning to move across states? Our team can safely move you from one state to another. Use this form to obtain a free estimate of our moving services. How much help do you need to get your stuff packed, loaded, moved and unloaded and unpacked? Knowing how much work you actually need help with is important before hiring a company. We can assist in providing the packing supplies needed to help you properly pack your items and […]

Getting Ready to Move? Call the Professionals!

Moving furniture and boxes can be exhausting!

It’s the process that involves wrapping each item, loading it onto the moving truck, securing it inside the truck, transporting it, and then unloading it safely into your new home. If you are only moving one item, that might not be too hard. However, imagine moving an entire house of 30-40 furniture pieces and boxes up and down a ramp all day! Now, that is a full day of hard work!

Here are a few guidelines to determine if you are up to the job or if you should hire professional movers:

1) If you need to move several items or just one item, do you have a vehicle large enough to transport it in? If not, then you need to see about renting a truck. If you are going to rent a truck, consider the cost involved to pay for the truck, the gas and the insurance vs. hiring professional movers. A moving company will arrive with the truck and moving equipment. It might be more affordable to hire full service Utah movers.

2) Are you physically able to lift your furniture? Many customers comment that they hire professional movers because they have hurt their back in the past and can no longer lift heavy items. Sometimes what you save on your own health is worth the cost of hiring movers.

3) Do you have knowledge of how to move furniture so that it doesn’t get damaged? Believe it or not, moving furniture is a skill. There are certain tricks to moving furniture so that it will fit through doors without getting damaged.

4) Do you have the necessary equipment? Moving requires moving pads, tie downs, dolly’s, and ramps which are all needed to […]

Utah Movers

When deciding what Utah moving company you want to use move your home or office there are 5 basic questions you should always ask:

1) Are they a “local” moving company?
Many Utah moving companies listed on the internet are not a moving company. Instead, they are a broker. This means they will hire random moving companies in your area to transport your goods. You should ask where their office is located. If they can’t provide a local address, you will know you are talking a broker and not an actual moving company.

2) What will it cost me to move? Can you provide me with a free estimate?
Your Utah moving company should be able to provide you with a written quote. This means, in addtion giving you pricing over the phone, they should also be able to do an on site estimate. If you are moving out of state, this is very important. Never move to another state without getting your estimate in writing and then, a written contract.

3) What kind of protection is available on my shipment?
A reputable Utah moving company will always provide you with options to insure your shipment while they are handling your possessions. If a moving company can’t offer you a Full Value Replacement plan, then you should not move with them.

4) Who are their employees?
Is the Utah moving company you want to hire using “day help,”, or do they employ their own full time employees? Some companies will get day help to assist in moving if their schedule fills up. It is best to move with a company that only employs their own full time crew to move your goods. This will insure that the movers who arrive at your […]

Moving In Tooele

Tooele, Utah (pronounced too-el-ə) is a town 30 minutes west of Salt Lake City with a population just over 22,000 people. There are many unverified explanations of where the name “Tooele” came from. It is thought to have come from the old Ute Indian word for tumbleweed, or the Goshute word for “bear”, or maybe the Spanish word of Aztec origin, meaning “bulrush.”

You may be thinking that with originating names like tumbleweed or bear that Tooele is a deserted city, but there are many fun activities designed for everyone, such as:

The Miller Motorsports Park: A world-renowned racetrack that is home to Utah’s first Nascar race. With a 4.5-mile long course, 24-turn layout and speeds up to 200 miles per hour, this is definitely a sight to see. There is also go-cart racing available.

The Bonneville Salt Flats: World records speeds are set here stretching over 30,000 acres. This world famous destination has multiple visitors, filmmakers and high-speed auto racers.

Skydiving / Scuba diving: If you enjoy the air, Tooele County is one of the few places in Utah where skydiving is allowed. If you enjoy the sea, there is warm water scuba diving and hundreds of colorful tropical salt-water fish.

There is also multiple canyons and outdoor recreation for the outdoor enthusiast or museums and monuments for the history guru.

Your Tooele Movers frequently move throughout Tooele County and are available to assist you. Whether you are moving a home, apartment, condo, or office to or from the Tooele area, Rocky Mountain Movers are ready to help. We also specialize in single items and piano moves. We are your local moving specialists who service the Tooele area and the intermountain western states.,_Utah

Ogden Moving

Ogden, Utah was the third incorporated city west of the Missouri River

after San Francisco and Salt Lake City. Its excellent location has a unique balance of lush mountains for outdoor recreation and a lively city for downtown adventures.

With the historic nature of Ogden, there are so many fun things to do. Ogden was one of the winter playgrounds for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. It is just 20 minutes from 3 world-class ski resorts; Snowbasin, Powder Mountain and Wolf Mountain. There are over 13,000 acres of freshwater lakes, a Wasatch Mountain Range to explore and many more outdoor activities for your enjoyment. If that isn’t enough, there is the historic 25th Street that features shopping and a vibrant nightlife district. (

According to CNN Money, Ogden is one of the top 10 most affordable cities for home buying. With the median of home prices being around $153,000 and an affordable rate of 93.2%. Ogden is a rapidly growing city and is a great place to live. There are many cities that are considered to be in the Ogden area, which include Pleasant View, Roy, South Weber, Washington Terrace, Hooper and many more. Your Ogden Movers are familiar with these areas and are available to assist you with any more you have. Whether it is packing and moving, unloading or loading a rental truck, pianos or other specialty items, your Ogden Movers are ready to help.

Ogden is a great city full of many attractions for everyone. If you are moving to or within the Ogden area, don’t forget to call Rocky Mountain Movers. We are your local moving specialists who service the Ogden area and the intermountain west states.