Packing Supplies

Packing supplies are readily available through Rocky Mountain Movers, whether you are interested in packing your goods yourself, or having us pack them for you.

Many people prefer to have their belongings packed professionally to avoid risk of damage. A Rocky Mountain Movers representative would be happy to discuss costs, materials, packing, and unpacking services that are available.

Rocky Mountain Movers’ Packing Supplies List

  • Book Box (16x12x12) or 1.5 cubes (books, records, kitchen/office items)
  • Medium Box (18x18x16) or 3.0 cubes (kitchen/office items, small appliances)
  • Large Box (24x18x18) or 4.5 cubes (linens/clothes)
  • X-Large Box (24x18x24) or 6.0 cubes (pillows, quilts, toys)
  • Dish Pack (18x18x28) (china, crystal, figurines)
  • Cell Pack (dividers for dish packs or med. boxes)
  • Wardrobe Box including Bar (hanging clothes – if used and returned same day – no charge)
  • Picture/Mirror Box (pictures and mirrors)
  • Lamp Base Carton (for table lamps)
  • Paper Pads (wrap pictures, vases, lamps & use in storage units)
  • Packing Paper (plain white packing paper – no print)
  • Packing Tape
  • Twin, Full, Queen & King Mattress Boxes
  • Small Bubble Wrap (12″x750’) & Large Bubble Wrap (12″x250’)
  • Shrink Wrap Roll (for wrapping leather and light upholstered furniture)
  • Carpet Mask (lay down on your carpet for extra protection)

Boxes are available for pick up or delivery, with a minimum order. Call our office for prices of these supplies and for our box package specials. We also offer a great buy-back program to assist you in discarding your used boxes!