There are many different circumstances that may come up with your piano moving and storage needs. At Rocky Mountain Movers, we are prepared to help you through any moving and storage situation.

Piano Loading and Unloading of Rental Trucks:

Whether you are traveling across the country, or moving a couple of cities away, our movers are experienced to help you load or unload your precious piano on or off a rental truck. It is crucial that your piano is tightly secured to the rental truck to prevent any damage.

Rocky Mountain Movers provides piano board packages for purchase or rent to assist you in transporting or storing your piano by yourself. There are important supplies that you need to properly transport a piano and we can help you get the best supplies possible to protect it.

Piano Loading & Unloading

Rocky Mountain Movers can provide loading or unloading services for all types of pianos. We move pianos on or off rental trucks, trailers, and pods.
This service will take the stress off of you because you will know that your piano will be loaded / unloaded by a professional piano moving crew.

Piano Board Rentals & Sales

Grand pianos require a special piano board to secure them to while being moved and/or stored on their side during the transportation process. A piano board package includes a cushioned board, straps, and pads that can be rented for short-term storage. You may also purchase a piano board package if you are transporting a piano on a rental truck out of state.

We are here to help explain these different options with you. For more information about piano moving and piano board packages, contact us today!