Moving is never a fun or easy process. In fact, moving involves a lot of stress and frustration for a lot of people! We have crafted a list of our top moving tips that will make your next move easier. If you have others to recommend, leave a comment and we will add it to the list:

  1. Pack a weekend bag. When you move, it can take weeks to truly settle in place. It helps to have a weekend bag with at least 3 days worth of clothes, toothpaste, and other essentials you can use while you try and settle into your new home.
  2. Pack the items you need first in clear totes. You will be able to see these items and know you want to unpack these before the others. We can also label all your boxes and place them in rooms based on your priority level to make the move easier.
  3. Pack breakables carefully. We have plenty of bubble wrap to protect your dishes and other essentials. If you are worried about not having enough bubble wrap, here is a fun tip, try using your clothing or socks to go in between plates! It’s a simple way to protect your breakables and save on the cost of packing materials.
  4. Clean your walls and floors before you move in. The best advice we can offer is show up a day before you want to move in and really deep clean the walls and surfaces of the home. If you want until you move in, it will be much harder to truly clean all the surfaces.
  5. Use small sandwich bags to store hardware for all your wall pictures and hangings. Tape the hardware to the back of the paintings and other wall hangings so you don’t lose them.
  6. Take a picture of how your electronics are hooked up. If you aren’t calling the cable installers to come and hook up your system, you need to know how to do it! Taking a picture is the best way to make sure you hook it up right.

Do you have some other great tips to add from your latest move? Leave us a comment below!