IMG_2878 (1)There are five things that you need to talk about when you call a moving company. The following five questions will help your moving coordinator provide you with an accurate quote for the number of men you will need and the amount of time it will take to move you.

1) How much are you moving?

It is helpful to know what size of home you are moving out of especially if you know the square feet. If that isn’t available to you, be prepare to discuss the following

  • How many bedrooms need to be moved?
  • Is there a living room and family room?
  • Do you have a formal dining room set or just a kitchen set?
  • What appliances need to be moved?
  • Do you have office furniture?
  • Are there items out in a garage to be moved?
  • Is your home full with wall to wall furniture or is furnished minimally?
  • Do you have a storage area that needs to be moved?
  • Do you have patio furniture including a barbecue that needs moving?

2) Are your boxes going to be packed?

Customers can pack themselves or have movers pack for them. Usually if you need the movers to pack, you should schedule a separate day just for packing. Talk to your moving coordinator if you need professional packing done, so they can determine how much time and the number of boxes you will need. If you plan to pack yourself, you can still get packing supplies from your moving company. Also, ask about a free delivery with a minimum order.

4) Do you have any specialty items?

Specialty items such as pianos, safes, pool tables and exercise equipment need to be mentioned when you schedule your move so the correct number of movers can be quoted for your job. These items require special equipment to be moved safely and efficiently and may require a third party service which will need to be arranged prior to your moving day.

5) Do you have any flights of stairs or elevators at any of your addresses?

By disclosing if you have stairs or elevators, your moving coordinator will be able to discuss with you the number of men and the amount of time you will need to complete your move in a timely manner. Typically, if you have stairs or elevators, it requires more men and more time.

The more information you can give your moving coordinator when you schedule your move, the more efficient your move will go which will save you time and money.