retirement moving UtahThere comes a time when you need to move a family member into a retirement or assisted living facility. There are many great communities to choose from and your Utah movers can help with that process.

To make the process as easy as possible we suggest several steps:

  1. Select the community that best fits your needs. This could include things such as location, cost, staff to tenant ratio, and the amount of care needed.
  2. Decide which furniture items and personal items are needed to make the new living environment comfortable.
  3. Ask if the community you are moving into will help pay for the moving costs. If yes, have them call your Utah movers. If no, call several moving companies to get bids and always ask for senior citizen discount. Some moving companies specialize in senior citizen moving.
  4. Decide if you will be doing your own packing or if you need assistance from the movers to pack your boxes.
  5. Schedule your movers. It is always best to move first thing in the morning, but a good moving company will work around your schedule so to make the moving transition as easy as possible. Usually, you should try and schedule at least one week ahead. However, you can schedule even a day before the if there are openings.
  6. On moving day, communicate with your movers what items are being moved. Perhaps some items are staying for now, so be sure to let them know which pieces and boxed need to be moved.
  7. At the new residence, be sure to direct the movers where you want each item placed and they will assist you with that process.

Moving is always emotional whether you are moving to a new home, an apartment, a retirement center or even into a new office building. Your Utah movers are here to help you make the moving process easy because we specialize in “moving you through life.”