utah retirement movingMoving day is one of the hardest days as it comes with a high amount of stress. It is important to plan head to make your moving day easier. Here are some things you need to get in order to make your moving day easier:

  1. Documentation – It is important to collect all your files and store them in one place. Your important files will include bank, credit, rent, doctor, vet and employment records. Create a spreadsheet of all the important lists you need to have when you move.
  2. Packing supplies – Another important part of moving requires the right moving supplies. Rocky Mountain Movers provides packing supplies that you need to safely move your items to your new home. Pack the items you need in order of importance. Some items you need the first night while other items you can live without for several days or weeks.
  3. Medication – Consider the medications you take each day and place them in a smaller box that you can access quickly. Other medications can be placed into larger boxes and marked for use at a later time like when you have a cold.
  4. Bathroom Supplies – It helps to have a box filled with your essential bathroom items like toothbrushes, hair brushes, razors, toilet paper and more.
  5. Toys and Kid Supplies – Do you have children? You will need to think about their essential items that need to be packed like diapers, formula, and toys. Make a checklist of all the items you know you will immediately need and others that you can use days after you move in.
  6. Pet Supplies – If you have pets you will need to have their food ready for use within the day. Keep a small backpack of pet supplies in the car with a bowl for them to eat from and then have a larger box with the rest of their supplies.
  7. Clean the new home – Before you move into your new home, clean the walls, scrub the carpets and prepare it for you to move in. You will also need to clean the home you are moving out of. Having basic cleaning supplies ready are essential to a smooth move.
  8. Food – You need to have food to travel with in the car. Prepare sandwiches and other food you will need if you need to travel several hours to your new home.

Moving is not an easy process. Let our team of professional movers help you pack and safely move your valuables to your new home. Each relocation is unique, call our Salt Lake City moving company to learn other tips on how to make your move easier, 888-252-4465!