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Getting Ready to Move? Call the Professionals!

Moving furniture and boxes can be exhausting!

It’s the process that involves wrapping each item, loading it onto the moving truck, securing it inside the truck, transporting it, and then unloading it safely into your new home. If you are only moving one item, that might not be too hard. However, imagine moving an entire house of 30-40 furniture pieces and boxes up and down a ramp all day! Now, that is a full day of hard work!

Here are a few guidelines to determine if you are up to the job or if you should hire professional movers:

1) If you need to move several items or just one item, do you have a vehicle large enough to transport it in? If not, then you need to see about renting a truck. If you are going to rent a truck, consider the cost involved to pay for the truck, the gas and the insurance vs. hiring professional movers. A moving company will arrive with the truck and moving equipment. It might be more affordable to hire full service Utah movers.

2) Are you physically able to lift your furniture? Many customers comment that they hire professional movers because they have hurt their back in the past and can no longer lift heavy items. Sometimes what you save on your own health is worth the cost of hiring movers.

3) Do you have knowledge of how to move furniture so that it doesn’t get damaged? Believe it or not, moving furniture is a skill. There are certain tricks to moving furniture so that it will fit through doors without getting damaged.

4) Do you have the necessary equipment? Moving requires moving pads, tie downs, dolly’s, and ramps which are all needed to […]

Utah Movers

When deciding what Utah moving company you want to use move your home or office there are 5 basic questions you should always ask:

1) Are they a “local” moving company?
Many Utah moving companies listed on the internet are not a moving company. Instead, they are a broker. This means they will hire random moving companies in your area to transport your goods. You should ask where their office is located. If they can’t provide a local address, you will know you are talking a broker and not an actual moving company.

2) What will it cost me to move? Can you provide me with a free estimate?
Your Utah moving company should be able to provide you with a written quote. This means, in addtion giving you pricing over the phone, they should also be able to do an on site estimate. If you are moving out of state, this is very important. Never move to another state without getting your estimate in writing and then, a written contract.

3) What kind of protection is available on my shipment?
A reputable Utah moving company will always provide you with options to insure your shipment while they are handling your possessions. If a moving company can’t offer you a Full Value Replacement plan, then you should not move with them.

4) Who are their employees?
Is the Utah moving company you want to hire using “day help,”, or do they employ their own full time employees? Some companies will get day help to assist in moving if their schedule fills up. It is best to move with a company that only employs their own full time crew to move your goods. This will insure that the movers who arrive at your […]

Moving In Tooele

Tooele, Utah (pronounced too-el-ə) is a town 30 minutes west of Salt Lake City with a population just over 22,000 people. There are many unverified explanations of where the name “Tooele” came from. It is thought to have come from the old Ute Indian word for tumbleweed, or the Goshute word for “bear”, or maybe the Spanish word of Aztec origin, meaning “bulrush.”

You may be thinking that with originating names like tumbleweed or bear that Tooele is a deserted city, but there are many fun activities designed for everyone, such as:

The Miller Motorsports Park: A world-renowned racetrack that is home to Utah’s first Nascar race. With a 4.5-mile long course, 24-turn layout and speeds up to 200 miles per hour, this is definitely a sight to see. There is also go-cart racing available.

The Bonneville Salt Flats: World records speeds are set here stretching over 30,000 acres. This world famous destination has multiple visitors, filmmakers and high-speed auto racers.

Skydiving / Scuba diving: If you enjoy the air, Tooele County is one of the few places in Utah where skydiving is allowed. If you enjoy the sea, there is warm water scuba diving and hundreds of colorful tropical salt-water fish.

There is also multiple canyons and outdoor recreation for the outdoor enthusiast or museums and monuments for the history guru.

Your Tooele Movers frequently move throughout Tooele County and are available to assist you. Whether you are moving a home, apartment, condo, or office to or from the Tooele area, Rocky Mountain Movers are ready to help. We also specialize in single items and piano moves. We are your local moving specialists who service the Tooele area and the intermountain western states.,_Utah

Ogden Moving

Ogden, Utah was the third incorporated city west of the Missouri River

after San Francisco and Salt Lake City. Its excellent location has a unique balance of lush mountains for outdoor recreation and a lively city for downtown adventures.

With the historic nature of Ogden, there are so many fun things to do. Ogden was one of the winter playgrounds for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. It is just 20 minutes from 3 world-class ski resorts; Snowbasin, Powder Mountain and Wolf Mountain. There are over 13,000 acres of freshwater lakes, a Wasatch Mountain Range to explore and many more outdoor activities for your enjoyment. If that isn’t enough, there is the historic 25th Street that features shopping and a vibrant nightlife district. (

According to CNN Money, Ogden is one of the top 10 most affordable cities for home buying. With the median of home prices being around $153,000 and an affordable rate of 93.2%. Ogden is a rapidly growing city and is a great place to live. There are many cities that are considered to be in the Ogden area, which include Pleasant View, Roy, South Weber, Washington Terrace, Hooper and many more. Your Ogden Movers are familiar with these areas and are available to assist you with any more you have. Whether it is packing and moving, unloading or loading a rental truck, pianos or other specialty items, your Ogden Movers are ready to help.

Ogden is a great city full of many attractions for everyone. If you are moving to or within the Ogden area, don’t forget to call Rocky Mountain Movers. We are your local moving specialists who service the Ogden area and the intermountain west states.

Park City Moving

         Park City is a great place to live!  Homes have retained their value which appeals to second home buyers.  Homes are beautiful and range in price from $300,000 to 20 million.
            Your Park City movers are familiar with homes in Park City in areas such as Jeremy Ranch, Summit Park, Pinebrook and Deer Valley just to name a few. They provide services such as packing, moving from one home or office to another, unloading or loading rental trucks, moving pianos and specialty items, and offering storage.

With so much to do in Park City like skiing, horseback riding, fishing, or biking, it is a great location to live. One of it’s best features is that it is only a 35 mile drive to the Salt Lake International airport. This is very convenient for business travelers.

Park City is known for it’s three famous ski resorts: The Canyons, Park City Mountain Resort, and Deer Valley. Shopping in Park City is very accessible. So whether you want to shop right in Park City or travel to Salt Lake to shop, both are easy to do.

If you are thinking of moving to or within Park City, call Rocky Mountain Movers. We are the best local moving company, and we service all of Park City and the intermountain western states.

Moving You Through Life!

A good moving company understands that not every moving situation is the same, and that people are at different stages of their life.


“Moving you through life” is what Rocky Mountain Movers is all about. We know that a move into a retirement home is different than a move into a large family home and an office move is different from a residential move. There are many different needs of moving including an entire truckload of furniture, or just a single item.


Whatever stage you are in, whether it is moving in or out of an apartment, into a large home, an office move, or moving into a retirement community, we can help with all of those varying needs.


Here are a few suggestions to help us serve you better when you call your Utah movers:

1)   You should know the city/state you are moving from and to.

2)   It is best to know if you will be packing yourself or if you will require packing services and/or packing supplies.

3)   Tell your Utah moving coordinator if you have any specialty items such as a safe, a piano, a pool table, a copy machine, etc.

4)   Indicate if there are any flights of stairs or elevators at either location

5)  Be prepared to discuss the furnishings you need moved. Are you going to move everything, or are you planning on selling or donating some of it?

6)   Do you need storage? Are you looking for short or long term storage with your Utah movers or do you have a storage unit?


By knowing in advance the answers to these basic questions before you call, your Utah movers can better help you move from one stage of your life to the next. We have knowledgeable and helpful moving coordinators that […]

Always Use Shrink Wrap When Moving!

Shrink wrap, also known as plastic wrap, is an important part of moving. It is highly recommended for moving to provide that extra protection for each item while it is being moved.   


Consider all the uses for shrink wrap:

1)   All upholstered items such as chairs, sofas, and loveseats need to be shrink wrapped to keep them clean while being moved.


2)   Wrap mattresses and box springs for moving. This is the best way to protect them from tears and also keep them clean.


3)   All leather items should be shrink wrapped to protect the leather while being moved. Your Utah Movers will put a moving pad on each piece and then carefully wrap it in plastic.


4)   Items such as dressers or cabinets will have a moving pad placed on them and then shrink wrapped. This keeps the doors and drawers from opening  during your move.


5)   If you are moving into storage, shrink wrap is a must! It will keep your items free from dust while they are being stored.


It is easy to order a roll of shrink wrap from your Utah Movers. Just tell them you want your items plastic wrapped and they can give you a cost for the wrap. Plus, they will wrap your items for you while they load the truck. This is a service that is well worth the time and money.







How Much Time Do I Need to Schedule a Move?

How Much Time Do I Need to Schedule a Move                       

When you are getting ready to move, timing is everything. Many factors come into play as to what day you can move such as the closing date on your new home, the day your lease is up, the day your kids get out of school etc.  If you are limited to moving on a certain day,  then try to plan ahead.

The following times are the busiest to move. It is best to plan at least two weeks ahead for these time periods:

*First and last week of a month

*Days around a holiday

*Friday and Saturdays


Your Utah movers can schedule for these time periods with less than 2 weeks notice if they have an opening in their schedule.  Sometimes, if your date is booked, you can ask to get on a cancellation list.  People change their moving dates frequently so sometimes getting on a waiting list is a good option.


If you need a last minute move, don’t despair. Your Utah movers are great at trying to schedule same day moves. Just be sure you are ready to move by having your boxes packed.


If you are scheduled to move and your date changes, call your moving company immediately.  Always know their policy to cancel or reschedule. Your Utah movers will allow you to cancel or reschedule without a fee  if you give enough notice.


The more notice you can give your moving company to schedule your move, the better chance you have of getting the day and time you need. Remember, organization is the key to a successful move!




How Can I Move on a Budget?

How Can I Move on a Budget? 


Moving can be costly, but if you need to move on a budget there are ways it can be done. Consider the following 7 money saving tips:

 1-        Get Organized

The first step to save on moving costs is to get organized. Take the time to go through your closets and drawers and decide what items you need to keep. If you are able to donate some items to charity instead of moving them, it will save you money.


2.        Consider Renting a Moving Truck

Renting a moving truck is always cheaper than ordering a full service move. You can hire Utah movers to load or unload your rental truck and all you have to do is the driving.


3.        Share a Load

Oftentimes, sharing a load with someone else will save you on moving costs.


4.        Move During the Off Season

Sometimes moving during the winter months can be less expensive than moving during the busy summer months.


5.        Never move during overtime hours

Some companies charge overtime. Be sure you know when that time starts and begin your move early enough to avoid those rates.


6.        Pictures, Plants and Lamps

If you are doing a local move, you can save money with your Utah movers if you move your own pictures, plants and lamps. These items are time consuming and must be packed in a box if you want movers to put them in the moving truck. If you can move them in your own car, it saves time and money.


7.        Pack Your Boxes Correctly

Be sure your boxes are packed correctly. Boxes should not weigh more than 50 lbs each and be totally enclosed. If boxes are open topped, it makes loading the truck more difficult and it will slow down your movers.


Many Utah movers will work with your budget. It is […]

Why Hire Professional Movers?

Why Hire Professional Movers?


When you are getting ready to move there are two choices: you can either move yourself, or hire professional movers. Why should you hire professional movers? There are many good reasons:

1) Professional movers know how to move your furniture, boxes and specialty items without damage. Their knowledge and experience of how to load and unload a moving truck is why you want to hire professional movers.  This knowledge will save you time and money.

2) Professional movers arrive at your door with their team ready to work. They arrive with a moving truck and all of the equipment needed to complete your job. This saves you time because you don’t have to rent any equipment or ask friends to help you.

3) Professional movers can help pack your home or office for moving. Whether you need help packing your whole home/office or just several rooms, your moving crew can assist you with that job. So what might take you weeks to pack, professional movers can pack in a day or two.

4) Professional movers are reliable. No need to worry if your movers are going to arrive. Your Utah movers send you an email or a mail confirmation when you schedule, and they call a day ahead to confirm. If you need to cancel or reschedule your move, you typically need to give only a 48 hr. notice.

5) By hiring professional movers, you don’t have to worry about a neighbor or family member getting hurt. Utah movers carry their own insurance on their employees.


People hire professionals to do a job that they don’t know how to do themselves or they don’t have time to do. Some people are not physically able to do this kind of work.  […]